Saturday, January 21, 2012

Healing the wounds, Intercivilizational dialogue, Wisdom Foundation


Healing the Wounds Mumbai (India) - The World Institute of Islamic Studies for Dialogue, Mediation, Gender and Peace (WISDOM) Foundation has organized a debate on an important issue. Wisdom Foundation is dedicated to the cause of non-violence, peace-building, conflict transformation, harmonious co-existence and harmonious service. Titled HEALING THE MEMORIES: AN ALTERNATIVE PARADIGM FOR AN INTER-CIVILIZATIONAL DIALOGUE, the event perhaps for the first time gathered half a dozen diplomats of different countries posted in Mumbai for talk on the crucial global concern of fight against terrorism and closing the chasms. Joined them in the dialogue were some of India’s leading intellectuals. Explaining the purpose and scope of this dialogue, Dr Zeenat Shaukat Ali, founder-director of WISDOM Foundation said: “The idea is see how we can close our clashes and live in harmony despite social, cultural and historical differences. Visibility of political tension and increasing alienation along civilizational and cultural-religious lines makes it all the more important to reflect upon the need for entering into a dialogue.” Explaining the importance of such a rare meet where a number of diplomats are scheduled to share their views on how the idea of engagement and mediation can be taken to the next level. “The central challenge for the development of strategies that can promote goodwill, moderation and commonalities among cultures and civilizations would play a significant role. The media could be invoked to spread the message,” she said. It is against this backdrop that the media both print and electronic are humbly requested to cover the event and spread the word that culturally we might be different from our neighours, but we all are first human beings. Dr Shaukat Ali who is an eminent Islamic scholar and peace and human rights activist has been at the forefront of bringing change, especially among Indian Muslims, through her lectures and writings. She has been able to rope in a number of diplomats and scholars as participants who presented their papers on different interesting topics in the event whose names are as follow: HE Mr. Peter D Haas, Honourable Consul General U. S. Department of State in Mumbai HE Dr.Leopold-Theodor Heldman, Honourable Consul General, Federal Republic of Germany in Mumbai. HE Mr. Chung Ying LIN, Honourable Consul General of the Republic of Singapore in Mumbai. HE Mr. M. Hatimi Abas, Honourable Consulate General of Malaysia in Mumbai. HE Mr Salem Al Khaledi, Honourable Consul General for the State of Kuwait in Mumbai Dr Cemal Usak, Secretary General, Inter Cultural Dialogue Forum, Writers and Journalists Association, Turkey Professor Ram Puniyani, Peace activist and member, Advisory Board, Wisdom Foundation. Dr. Asgharali Engineer, Islamic scholar and member, Advisory Board, Wisdom Foundation.



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