In November 2010 the Wisdom Foundation has brought forth a seminal Book on Peace entitled “Winning The Peace : A Quest.” Experience has revealed that peace is a fragile, delicate condition, its roots too frail to bear the strain of social, political or economic discontent. The greatest challenge that the human race has ever faced still remains: to live in a world free of the threat of violence. Today violence is transnational and no more restricted to times of war; it exists in all spaces: public as well as private. Unprecedented terror attacks where innocents have been mercilessly killed have left behind deep scars of grief, anger and sorrow. Distinguished National and International authors and dignitaries along with renowned Maulanas have contributed towards peace efforts that form the core of the Book.

We are indebted to Shri Salman Khurshid for the invaluable Foreword to “Winning the Peace : A Quest”. An eminent scholar of distinction, an acclaimed author with several publications to his credit and a distinguished lawyer, we express our deep gratitude to him for the peerless contribution despite his busy schedule and official engagements.

We thank Adm. Ramdas (Retd.), a leading Peace Activist, championing the cause of communal harmony and human rights and an esteemed member of the advisory Council of the Wisdom Foundation.

Among the contributors we take this opportunity first and foremost to express our gratitude to the living legend, distinguished scholar HRH Prince El Hassan Bin Talal. He has been a great support and a source of inspiration to the Wisdom Foundation. We are honored that HRH Prince El Hassan Bin Talal, an outstanding scholar of international repute has made four invaluable contributions to “Winning The Peace : a Quest.”

Rev. Hans Ucko, an eminent and distinguished scholar, peacemaker, formerly Program Executive in the Office on Inter-religious, Relations and Dialogue, Director for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Ceation, World Council of Churches Geneva, Switzerland;

H. E. Mr. Paul Folmsbee, Principal Officer and Honorable Consul General United States of America, Mumbai for his valuable contribution;

H. E. Ambassador Ahmed Salem Al-Wahishi, distinguished Chief Representative of the League of Arab States accredited to India, Professor of Economy and International Relations, University of Aden;

Tushar Gandhi, great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Founder of the Mahatma Foundation in 1997;

Asghar Ali Engineer, Director, Center for the Study of Society and Secularism;

Ambassador (Retd.) P. A. Nazareth, a celebrated scholar, Founder Managing Trustee of Sarvodaya International Trust;

Distingushed Kamla Bhasin, Chairperson, Peace Women Across The Globe;

Douglas Allen, a Graduate from Yale University. Specializing in Eastern Philosophy, Mahatma Gandhi;

Ram Punyai, formerly a Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, Member, Advisory Board, Wisdom Foundation;

Michael Dusche, Professor, Global Ethics and International Politics;

Mr. Minhaz Merchant, an eminent biographer, editor, columnist and publisher;

Amit Pandya, Counsel to the Government Operations and Foreign Affairs Committee of the United States House of Representatives;

Kumar Ketkar, journalist for forty years, currently Chief Editor of Loksatta;

S. Balakrishnan, Chief of Bureau of the Times of India;

Homi Dhalla, an eminent scholar of Zoroastrian and Avesta-Pahlavi Studies;

Mohammed Wajihuddin, Special Correspondent for the Times of India;

Zeenat Shaukat Ali, Founder, Director General of the Wisdom Foundation;

Maulana Mustaqim A Azmi, President Jamiat-e-Ulema-Hind, Maharashtra. Maulana Shoaib Koti is a graduate from the Darul Uloom, Lucknow. Maulana Syed Athar Ali, Head - The Daral-Uloom Muhammadia in Mumbai. Maulana Anis Ahmed Khan Ashrafi is a Hafeez and Alim from Darul-uloom Moh Daral-Uloom Muhammadia. Maulana Sadik Raza Misbahi is an Alim and Fazil, Azamgarh. Maulana Mohammad Arif Umri is a an Alim and Fazil from Jamia Darus Salam, Vellore, Tamil Nadu. Maulana Mohammad Aalam Nadvi is an Alim-I-Quran from Nadwatul Uloom, Lucknow. Fazrul Rahman Islahi, Fazeelat and Post-graduate in Islamic Studies, from Madrasatul Islah, Azamgarh, U.P.


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