Date : 9 March 2008

Venue : Brabourne Stadium, Cricket Club of India, Mumbai.

    Cricket for Peace was the fourth event organised by the Foundation. It was held on 9th March 2008 at the Brabourne Stadium, Cricket Club of India, Mumbai. Young religious leaders of all communities, the Pundits, Imams, Priests, Rabbis, Daturjis, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains jointly actively participated in playing the match. Before the Finals, fourteen practice matches were held at the Azad Maidan. Our motto was and will remain “One For All And All For One”. It was a unique even that created mutual bonding among the participants.


The Late Shri Raj Singh Dungarpur, President, The Cricket Club of India was the Chief Guest. Shri Salman Khan, an eminent film personality and Shri Sanjay Manjrekar, an acclaimed Indian Cricketer were our Guests of Honor. The memory of the Late Dilip Sardesai, former Cricketer for the Indian Team and an outstanding human being was honoured at the event.


Judges for the Event were Smt. Nandini Sardesai, wife of the late, former cricketer for The Indian Team Shri Dilip Sardesai, Shri Ayaz Memon, Editor in Chief, DNA, Shri Pradeep Vijayakar, Sports Editor, Times of India and Smt. Diana Eduljee, Former Captain, Women’s Cricket Club of India.


The names of the two teams were ‘Prem’ and ‘Pyaar’. Two prizes were given away on the occasion : first to the team that displayed the best spirit and the other to the winning team. This was to paraphrase the Olympian spirit of sportsmanship that it is not about winning or losing but playing the game well. Prizes were given away for the best sportsman and the Man of the Match. A Certificate of Participation and a Memento was presented to all the participants.



The match was the first of its kind played in the world, received wide acclaim both with the media and the people of Mumbai. One thousand religious leaders were invited to watch the match. The Police Band played to cheer the players. Mr. Salman Khan’s presence and call for peace was much appreciated. Crowds poured in for his autographs and the atmosphere was jubilant. The Cricket Club hosted a lunch for hundred people.


For our event “Cricket for Peace”, we are beholden to the Late Shri Raj Singh, Maharaja of Dungarpur, President - Cricket Club of India, all the Committee Members of the Cricket Club of India, for their gratuitousness in convening our Cricket match on the prestigious grounds of the Brabourne Stadium, Cricket Club of India, Mumbai. We express our gratitude for the hospitality provided by the Cricket Club of India in serving a sumptuous lunch for the participants and their guests. We especially thank Shri Pratap Bogilal for his unstinted support and generosity in providing the Cricket kit for both the teams. Likewise we thank Smt. Dharini Shah for her enthusiasm, encouragement and assistance in all possible ways.



We express our deep gratitude Smt. Nandini Sardesai, wife of former Cricketer Indian Team, Dilip Sardesai, whose memory both as a Cricketer and person was honored at the event. Her kind support was invaluable.


For “The Cricket For Peace” event we thank prominent personalities, Shri Sanjay Manjrekar, renowned Indian Cricketer, our Guest of Honor for the occasion, and noted persons in the world of cricket Shri Nari Contractor, former Cricketer, Cricket Team of India, Smt. Diana Eduljee, former  Captain, Women's Cricket Team of India, Shri Ayaz Memon, Editor-in-Chief DNA, Shri Pradeep Vijaykar, Sports Editor – Times of India, for their presence, graciousness and sportsmanship in judging the teams.


We likewise thank the eminent, celebrated film personality Shri Salman Khan to have graced the occasion with his presence as our Guest of Honor. He received an overwhelming response from the the participants and guests.


A special thanks to Shri Kekoo Gandhy, Smt. Khorshed Gandhy and Ahla S. Ali for their financial assistance. We also express our heartfelt gratitude to Shri Iqbal Nathani and Smt. Saida Nathani for providing refreshments and water for a thousand religious leaders who were invited to view the match. Their contribution was much appreciated by the leaders. We thank Smt. Homai Modi and Mr. Maurice Moonis for their help in every possible way.

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