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The Wisdom Foundation is a global secular, democratic peace initiative enshrining the principles of non-violence, peace-making, trust-building communal harmony, conflict transformation and humanitarian service. It believes that a small body of dedicated spirits filled by an unquenchable faith in their mission can enlighten a beleaguered world and alter the course of history. It will assist and collaborate with the like minded organisations at national and international  on areas of mutual interest.


The aim of the Wisdom Foundation is to direct its energies in fostering peaceful engagement at various levels, designing programmes and identifying strategies for peace and justice in civil society. It will engage in strengthening positive resources in precluding conflict by facilitating dialogue, deepening understanding and building co-operation and collaboration irrespective of belief or culture. It will work on the social fabric of raising awareness, mobilising resources for change, promote education for peaceful co-existence, empower people through knowledge, help the under privileged and promote gender justice.


Its thank-tank will center on the process of analyses, inclusiveness and reflection taking into account fresh challenges and identifying alternatives in influencing policy- makers through the participatory process.


In its endeavour towards the creation of a favourable environment, it will address relevant issues through engagement in a Thinkers Forum, Conferences, Seminars, Publications, Documentaries and a Heritage of Harmony through the medium of art and music.


The objective will be to re-affirm the perennially relevant message of Non-Violence, Peace and Tolerance to bring about national and international partnerships as well as goodwill irrespective of creed and colour.


Smt. Dr. Zeenat Shaukat Ali

Founder Director General - Wisdom Foundation


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