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B . A.  English Literature 

and Islamic Studies M. A. Eng. Literature,

University of Mumbai.




Ph. D Islamic Studies

University of Mumbai,

Marriage & Divorce in Islam: An Appraisal


Teaching Experience


Since 1987







 Member of following Organizations

1. Founder Director-General, Wisdom Foundation, Mumbai, India.

2. Member, Central Wakf Council, New Delhi

3. Governing Body: Heras Society of History and Culture, St Xaviers College

4. Governing Body of K. R. Kama Institute of Oriental Studies.

 5. Member, Maharashtra State Women Council.

6. Vice-President, Sarvadoya International Trust, Maharashtra Chapter.

7. Formally, Vice-President, World Conference for Religions and Peace, (Bombay Chapter).

8. Vice Chairperson, Women Movement for Peace and Prosperity (Times Foundation).

 9. Member, Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town, Director, 2008-2010, International Service

10. Member, Indus International.

11. Governing Body of Department of Religious Studies, St. Xavier's College, Mumbai.

12. Life Member, Anjuman-I-Islam

13. Life Member, Bazm-e-Niswan

14. Trustee Institute of Islamic Studies, Mumbai.

15. General Body, Center For Study of Society and Secularism.

16. Board Member, Begum Khalsikar Girls School, Mumbai.

17. Board Member, Anjuman-i-Islam, Begum Sharifa Kalsekar Girls' School (English), Mumbai.

18. Charter Member, United Religions Initiative, San Fransisco, California, USA.

Some Important Conferences Attended and Papers Presented

1. Indian History Congress, Karnataka University, Dharwad, November 2-4, 1988.

2. Seminar on "THE AMERICAN PRESIDENCY" Amercian Centre, 8th August, 1988, Mumbai

3. Invited to address Anglo-Urdu Girls High School, Hubli, 5th November, 1988, addressed staff and students

4. Institute of Islamic Studies and Inter-faith Dialogue on Religious, 1989, Bombay.

 5. National Seminar on "Muslim Women Problems And Prospects", Aligarh Muslim University, February (Resource Person) 24-26, 1990 (Paper presented)

6. International Women's Meet, Organized by International Womens Forum World-Karachi. July 1990. (Paper presented)

7. Vikas Adhagan Kendra, Secularism in India — A Multiple Religious Perspective" Bombay, October 11-13, 1991

8. lndo-Arab Islamic Youth Association Hyderabad, All India Conference on Palestine Rights, 14- 15, December, 1991

9. Indo-Arab Islamic Youth Association Delegate NGO United Nation H. Q., New York, USA, February 21-23, 1992

10. Muslim Intelligentsia Meet, Resourse Person, Convention The Triple Talaq, August 8, 1993 at New Delhi (Paper Presented)

11. Citizens for National Consensus, National Seminar on The "Ultimate Objective or Electoral Reforms in Good Governance" December 18-19, 1995 Bombay.

12  Resource Person, The All India Women's Education Conference at Crescent High School, Chennia, December 21-23, 1996 "The Cultivation of Knowledge 84 Learning in Islam" (Paper published)

 13. Attended Workshop on "Modern Challenge Asian Youth and Islam" at Bangkok organized by Asian Muslim Action Network, 21-24, February 1997 as Resource Person. Presented Paper on "Islam and The Dilemmas of Modernism" (Paper published)

 14. Delegate : as one of the 100 leaders of the World Religious to a Conference by "United Religious Initiative" Standford University, San Francisco, U. S. A. June 23-27, 1997.

15. Delegate "Inter-faith Religious Conference" on Muslim/Christian Relations—August 7-9, 1997, Jakarta, Indonesia. Presented Paper on "Status of Women in Islam" (Paper Published)

16. Delegate National Seminar on "The Status of Women in Religion" at Akshardham Centre for Applied Research in Social Communal Harmony, April 25-27, 1998 Presented Paper on "Empowerment of Muslim Women" Paper to be published.

17. Delegate: Conference on "Imam Khomeni" organized by the Culture Centre of Iran on 3 — 4, June, 1998. Read a Paper on "The Role of imam Khomeni in Women's Activities" (Paper to be published).

18. Delegate: one of hundred leaders at Standford University to a Conference organized by "United Religious — Initiative" 21-26 June, 1998

19. Delegate: New York by G. 0. P. I. 0. to address Intellectuals on "Empowerment of Women", 19th June, 1998.

20. Delegate : Cairo Interaction of dignitaries, academicians, writers in connection with The Egyptian Experience concerning women. June 5-12, 1998.

21. Invited to National Seminar on "Empowerment of Women" 31' August, 1998 Delhi.

22. Visited Oxford, Cambridge and London Universities to meet scholars in connection with the new book Entitlec 'Alternatives in Islam" July 2-10, 1998.

25. Invited to Indonesia For Inter- filial Conference Organized by the Temple University, U. S. A. Honorable President Wahid Abdul Rahman Inaugurated The Conference in his palace Honorable Crown Prince Jordan cave the keynote address Presented paper on "Islam & Democracy" February 1999. Paper published

26. Delegate : United Religion Initiative to Dale Carnagie University, Pittsburgh, United Religions University, Signing of U. R. I. Charter, by Charter Members July, 2000.

27. Delegate: Bangkok by World Churches of Churches : Conference on Education. Presented paper on "The Cultivation of Knowledge in Islam" October, 2000 (Paper Published)

28. Delegate : UNESCO Head Quarters in Paris by "United Religious Initiative", November 2000 Religions in Dialogue. Paper presented and Published

29. Delegate : Germany: Dusseldorf, February, 2001 by "Foundation of World Religious" Presented paper on "Rabia of Basra" (Paper Published)

30. Delegate to Geneva, Chateau de Bossay to a Conference on "Religion and Violence" June, 2002, Resource Person

31. Delegate : Council of World Churches, Indonesia, Jakarta for a Conference on Multi-Religious Dialogue on Peace Initiative July, 2002

32. Delegate : Conference on "War and Peace in Islam" New Delhi, organized by Delhi Polity Centre Paper Presented and Published. "War and Peace in Islam: Myth or Reality"

33. Delegate Aliyar Conference "Peace Initiatives in World Regions" 15-17 August 2002. Presented Paper "Post Cold War Crisis — Religions & Violence". Presented Paper.

34. Delegate : University of Bonn, Germany, "The European Islamic Dialogue" An initiative of the Getman Government July 2003.38 women educatioalists from Muslim countries interacted.

35. Launched the organization for "Womens Movement for Peace And Prosperity", Intoduction and opening remarks "Building Bridges between Communities" "Times of India" (opening remarks) 8th March, 2003

36. Delegate : Conference for "Womens Movement For Peace and Prosperity" on Conflict Resolution July, 2003 at Times of India Building.

37. Delegate : The Indo-Arab Society, Conferance on Peace Initiatives. Presented paper, "How Can the Intelligentsia in the Country Overcome Fundamentalism and Fanaticism"

38. Delegate and Resource Person for Conference on "Initiatives For Change". Paper presented Dialogue on Diversities, organized by Moral Rearmament, Panchghani, Maharashtra on December 15-22, 2003 or

39. Paper Published on "Muslim Diversity In India" "One India One People". Nov, 2003

40. Delegate : Istanbul, Turkey by TESEV Respondent to an International Conference on "Terrorism, Democracy, and the Responses of Civil Wociety in the Muslim world. The respondents were from 11 Muslim countries, held in February 24th to 26th, 2004.

41. Delegai : The Japan Foundation in Delhi to present a paper on the Rights of Muslim Women. Present d a paper on "A Jihad for Muslim Women" held on March 21st' 2004. Paper published

42. Delegate: The Institute of Islamic Studies as a Resource person. Conference on "Concept of Freedom in Religion". Presented paper on "Concept of Freedom in the Religion in Islam" on April 25th 2004, Murnbai.

43. Delegate: TUSEV in Istanbul on a Conference on -Philanthrophy in Muslim Societies" on September 2nd to 4th 2005 as a participant and respondent 2005 from India.

44. Invited to the release of the book brought out by Dr. Rafiq Zakaria entitled "Where Have Muslims Gone Wrong in India ? Presented paper.

45. Invited as Full Bright Scholar by "United College of Ascension" University of Bimingham December 2005. -April 2006. Attented several seminars, educational films and interacted with international scholars.

46. Invited by Unversity Birmingham University to conducted a workshop on Muslim Women March 2006 Delegation of scholars from 18 countries participated.

47. Invited by Queens College, Birminham on Febuary 24th to read paper on "The Concept of Non-Violence as A policy In Islam. Over seventy persons attended.

48. Delegate to Program "Islamic Life in America" conducted by the State Department, United States of America. May 2007-June 2007. Visited Universities, Churches, Synagogues, Mosques interacted with State dignitaries, religious leaders and scholars from seven States.

49. Delegate at an International Conference organized by the Government of Malaysia on Human rights. Conducted workshop as resource person on Muslim women. Delegates from several Muslim Countries participated.

50. Delegate to an International Conference organized by the Pilar Seminary, Goa 2008 on -Religions and Globalization". Presented paper on "Islam and Globalization" Paper published.

51 .Delegate to Turkey, ( Konya and Istanbul ) for Commemoration Lectures of Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi's hundredth Anniverasry, December 2010

52. Delegate to, Kabul, Afghanistan on "The Rights of Women in Islam" by Afghanistan Academic and Islamic Research Center ( AAIRC ) from Sept. 18-25 , 2011. Meetings with Parliamentarians, Mawlanas, Human Rights Activists, Scholars and others. Paper presented on "Empowerment of Muslim Women" Invited as delegate by almost 20 organizations in the past from 2009-2011 to address groups on Islam and Peace.

Over the years conducted and participated in workshops, written and published several papers of which a few have been mentioned.

Recipient of Vijaya Shree National Award, 1997-98 for Education Enriching human life and outstanding attainment. Selected for the International Directory of Distinguished Leadership for outstanding contribution to contemporary society (6th edition). This is from the "American Biographical Institute" (Established in 1967).


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